Latest Event Experience in Foxborough: 90’s Night

In case you haven’t heard, the 90’s are back. The throwbacks of that generation are today’s modern day trend. What better way to celebrate than with the classic food and drinks from your childhood? Well, we could think of a better way, enter: alcohol. Spiked High-C Bowl? Yes please!

On June 16th, Howl Splitsville in Foxborough hosted a 90’s themed happy hour party filled with chokers, scrunchies, overalls, and a whole lot more. Our guests indulged in food like the classic middle school lunch: chicken patty, Smiley Fries, Hot Pockets and cheese puffs to begin the night and ended it by jamming to the ultimate throwbacks (Nirvana, Oasis, Britney, Backstreet Boys… we could go on but it would take too long you’ll have to come to Howl Splitsville to find out).

If you haven’t had the chance to win a happy hour party, you’ll want to sign up and join the fun. We host them every single Friday with a complimentary buffet, fun drinks, dancing along with our talented musicians and the winner gets free cover for 1 month!

Party Venue

If you missed this year’s 90’s bash, don’t worry! You can always come to our Red, White and Brew Bash on July 3rd, or enter to win your own happy hour party for a future date. Looking to book a party? Howl Splitsville is the ultimate party venue that encompasses luxury bowling and live music. We host corporate events, birthday parties and so much more. Get in touch with us today to book your next party.

Latest Event Experience in Foxborough: 90’s Night

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National Blues Museum Fundraiser at Howl at the Moon St. Louis

Nothing is more synonymous to St. Louis than the blues. There is a song called “Saint Louis Blues” (written by W.C. Handy in 1914), there is the hockey team: St. Louis Blues and “St. Louis blues” is a type of piano-based music that has been created and popularized by Chuck Berry, Walter Davis, Ike Turner, Albert King and more.

There is also a relatively new museum in St. Louis called the National Blues Museum, supported by performance artists and celebrities such as Morgan Freeman, Jack White, John Goodman, Buddy Guy, Derek Trucks and more. Support the blues (the music, not the hockey team) at Howl at the Moon on Wednesday, July 12th from 6:30-8:30 PM:

-$15 tickets (tickets will not be available online; please visit Howl at the Moon and the National Blues Museum for purchase)
-Light appetizers
-Special performances by Kim Massie and the Howl at the Moon band

Howl at the Moon Address and Contact Information:

Ballpark Village, 601 Clark Avenue, Unit J , St. Louis, MO 63102

National Blues Museum Address and Contact Information:

615 Washington Ave, St. Louis, MO 63101

Event Space St. Louis

Howl at the Moon is St. Louis’ premier live music bar and party venue. We are open from Wednesdays to Sundays every week. Looking to book a party? We host bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, corporate events, fundraiser events, private parties and so much more. Get in touch with us today to book your next party at Howl.

National Blues Museum Fundraiser at Howl at the Moon St. Louis

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Christmas in July Party Boston

Did you know that Christmas is only about less than 185 days away? You may not have, because you are probably busy thinking about how it was the first day of summer. Well, we have the countdown going here at all times. Even though we are super excited it is summertime, we still just can’t wait that long for Santa’s return! That’s why we decided to throw a Christmas in July party- and everyone is invited! Bring your nicest or even naughtiest friends to celebrate under the sun with Santa. We will be hosting our Christmas in July party on Friday, July 28th. Enter to win your very own happy hour party today!

Grab your ugliest sweater, or ugliest board shorts or anything with red and green to get in the spirit. We called the big guy in from vacation to hand out some gifts, giveaways and take photos with everyone! If you’re interested in coming by to celebrate with us, we will be offering parties for some very nice boys and girls. The party would include a complimentary buffet, a surprise gift for the host and much more! Throughout the night we’ll also be featuring Ho-Ho-Ho shots, Very Merry Punch and Jingle Juice Buckets. Lastly, the person with the MOST Christmas Spirit will be surfing away with a Ron Jon surfboard. If you have that Christmas cheer all year round, and don’t want to wait until December, get in here for our Christmas in July party, on July 28th!

Party Venues Boston

Howl at the Moon in Boston hosts bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, birthday parties, corporate events, private parties, happy hour parties and so much more. Email us at for more information.

Christmas in July Party Boston

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Beginners Guide to Planning a Bachelorette Party

Win your very bachelorette giveaway from Howl at the Moon!

So here you are, the maid of honor, spending every minute of your free time researching ideas for your Bride-to-Be BFF’s bachelorette party. It all seemed so simple until you took into account the “what-if’s” of the evening:

What if the bachelorette doesn’t like my plan?
What if everyone can’t attend?
What if the night scene is lame!?

Planning a bachelorette party is easier said than done, and in most cases when a person is assigned this task they are experiencing it for the very first time. There may be others who have been blessed with a second chance to plan a bachelorette party, or maybe even a third, but just because they’ve done this before doesn’t make it any easier. Every bachelorette is different, which means that every planning situation is different – so it all comes down to knowing what ideas the bride-to-be is open to.

To ensure that the bachelorette is comfortable with what you decide, below are a few general questions to ask before you begin planning:

Weekend Getaway or Night on the Town?

Get a general idea from the bachelorette if she would like to travel for a few days or stay local for the night. Make sure she is aware that the size of her bachelorette party will most likely decrease if this becomes a miniature vacation. If the size of her bachelorette party is not important to her, then by all means book the flight!

To Day Drink or not to Day Drink?

There are bachelorettes who begin their day with a mimosa, there are bachelorettes who choose to wait until dinner time, and there are bachelorettes who choose not to drink at all. There is no right or wrong way, as long as you do what she prefers. Always remember, this bachelorette party is about her, so put down your glass of wine if she’s bothered by it (we have faith in you).

Pre-party Events or Wait Until Dinner?

Day-time activities can include petal taverns, sightseeing, attending a sporting event, pole dance lessons or hitting up a local spa for some R&R. You can always play it safe by choosing something the bachelorette would normally do even if it wasn’t for her bachelorette party, per say. If she likes to relax by the pool, then having all her ladies relax with her will only make it the best-day-ever!

Fancy Dinner or Get Food To-go?

You’ll want to make sure the bachelorette eats, especially if alcohol is involved. So find out what her comfort food is, and go with that. If she loves pizza and pasta, go Italian! BBQ? Find a local smokehouse! If she prefers not to waste time at a sit-down dinner, then see what quick stops are in route and have her choose. If your day is full of activities and the night’s plans are just around the corner, some bachelorettes may find it more satisfying to shove their face with a foot long sub in between events. There’s nothing wrong with that- food is food and our bodies need the fuel!

Sit-down Entertainment or Dance the Night Away?

This is the tough part; the night activity is the grand finale, the completed masterpiece, the cherry on top. .. and you must have a plan. There is nothing worse than going to buy tickets at the door to a show, only to find it is sold out. Or planning to attend her favorite night club where you end up waiting in line and never getting a chance to enter. There is also the nightmare of walking into a place that’s completely empty. (If that happens, make the most of it! But if you can avoid it by planning ahead, please do). Just be sure to ask the bride what she is up for – spending the night on her feet dancing across the bar, or enjoying a night of entertainment stationary at a table.

Male Entertainment

This, ladies, is a very important topic. Having a shirtless cop show up at the hotel room because he heard “someone was being naughty” may not seem like a big deal to you, but it might ruin the entire night for the bachelorette. Be sure to ask the question if she is open to the idea of male entertainment, and do take her answer seriously without pressuring her one way or the other.

Bachelorette Party Ideas

-Just a few ideas to help you brainstorm!
-Rent a Party Bus / Limo
-Go on a Pub Crawl
-Go Camping (or should we say, “Glamping”)
-Glamour Photo Shoot
-Museum / Sight Seeing
-Scavenger Hunt
-Pole Dance Classes
-Sky Diving trip
-Paint night
-Visit a Psychic
-Take a Road Trip
-Hit up a local Festival
-Attend a Comedy Club
-Attend a Drag Show / Burlesque Show
-Go to a Concert
-Throw a Yacht Party
-Spend the day by the Pool / Beach
-Private Shopping Spree!
-Visit an Amusement Park
-Gamble at your local Casino (or in Vegas!)
-Old Fashioned Sleep-Over with Game Night, Chick Flick Movie Marathon & Makeovers!
-Visit a Winery / Brewery
-Host a Lingerie Shower
-Bachelorette Party vs. Bachelor Party “Olympics”
-Have a Spa day
-Take a Dinner Cruise
-Murder Mystery Dinner
-Go Hiking / Exploring!
-Hot Air Balloon or Helicopter Ride

The options are endless and this is a night to celebrate the bride-to-be. It is important to remember that if someone in the group can’t attend or they don’t like the choice in activities, then that’s unfortunate for them. As long as the bachelorette has a good time, nothing else matters!

And last but not least- plan a visit to Howl at the Moon where the bachelorette party can sing and dance the night away to all today’s top songs (we promise to give the bachelorette the attention she deserves!). Please see our locations below:

Baltimore Bachelorette Party Venue
Boston Bachelorette Party Venue
Charlotte Bachelorette Party Venue
Chicago Bachelorette Party Venue
Cincinnati Bachelorette Party Venue
Denver Bachelorette Party Venue
Hollywood Bachelorette Party Venue
Houston Bachelorette Party Venue
Indianapolis Bachelorette Party Venue
Kansas City Bachelorette Party Venue
Louisville Bachelorette Party Venue
Orlando Bachelorette Party Venue
Philadelphia Bachelorette Party Venue
Pittsburgh Bachelorette Party Venue
San Antonio Bachelorette Party Venue
St. Louis Bachelorette Party Venue

Beginners Guide to Planning a Bachelorette Party

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