Guide to Choosing an Event Venue

Some events are put together haphazardly and sloppily, often focusing too much about what it is you’re trying to do than how much your guests will enjoy it. Whether it’s a celebration like a birthday party or bachelorette party or a professional setting like a business networking event, the setting you are in is the first chance you will have to introduce your guests to your event and set the tone for the evening. This guide will help you make the right decision when it comes to booking space for a special night!

Event Venue Ideas

Room Size
The most important thing to consider is how many people will be attending your event. You do not want to end up wasting a rental on a large hall for a party of six, and alternatively having too many guests in too cramped of a space is even worse! Howl at the Moon’s locations, however, have the right fit for your party. We have private and semi-private booking options available for any event, often with groups as large as 200! Howl’s party space differs in size by location, but table reservations, VIP sections and even our entire venue can be set up to you and your guests’ exact needs!

You don’t want to be the kind of host running around and making sure that every person is enjoying the night. It’s stressful on you, and nobody likes feeling forced into awkward social situations. Instead, why not leave it to the professionals to keep your guests entertained? Bringing in speakers, dancers or musicians adds excitement and anticipation to any event. Even better, Howl at the Moon’s live band is the top in class for entertaining your guests! From background music to a genre-bending, instrument-swapping performance, Howl’s band will play to the exact mood of the evening and have hundreds of hit songs in their setlist.

Some party halls and event spaces can just be a little too bland for your event. Streamers, balloons can help, but plain white walls and panelling do not make for a most-welcoming aesthetic. A good idea is to choose a venue that has hosted something similar to your event in the past and can set up their space to your needs. All of Howl at the Moon’s locations let you deck out the venue your way, including custom piano banners, photo booths, cocktail stations, catering options and more. We are pros at hosting events of any type and promise to make your night unforgettable for all of your guests.

To put a bow on your evening, the last thing you need are drinks! It is not just about putting out the most popular types of liquor and mixers, either. People want to have fun and be excited! Nothing lights up an event like picture-worthy and customized cocktails, shots and fishbowls. Howl at the Moon loves to creating the perfect buzz for your party with specialty named drinks, cocktail stations and drink packages including unlimited beer, liquor and more (ask us about our wine options). Plus, our 86 oz. signature buckets are your best bet for bringing your guests closer together!

The final and most important thing to be on the lookout for when searching for an event venue is the type of service you are getting. It is crucial to know and relay what you and your party’s exact needs are so the venue can determine if they can provide accordingly. The worst kind of situation is being stuck in a venue that would be otherwise perfect, and having to deal with understaffed, rude or bland service. Luckily, Howl at the Moon’s servers are out of this world and are the true stars of our show. More than anything, they want to see you up and moving, enjoying your event to its full potential! You may see them up on stage or dancing in the crowd, but if you need someone to howl with, they’ll be right there singing along with you.

Howl at the Moon is the most exciting place to host your next event, whether it be a birthday bash, bachelor party, bachelorette party, or a corporate outing or meet-up—Howl can handle it all! Book your reservation today!

Guide to Choosing an Event Venue

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Best Private Event Space Chicago

Nights out in Chicago are a blast and great for meeting new people, but there are some times where keeping it low-key is exactly what you need. Howl at the Moon is the top private event space in Chicago, and has plenty of ways to make you and your guests a part of our show!

Venues in Chicago for Private Parties

Howl Chicago’s got plenty of space for whatever your party can throw at us. Reserved seating, our Moon Deck and even the entire venue can be made available for your guests to make the most of their Howl at the Moon experience. While you’re filling your seats, we’ll be filling your ears! With hundreds of songs in their library, our band is live every night and playing all the hits. Request all your favorite songs and even set the stage with custom piano signage, microphone use and stage access available exclusively to your party. Other extras like ice luges and photo booths make your party complete.

Howl at the Moon has several drink packages including beer, wine and liquor, available for private parties of any size. We love setting up cocktail stations and even have catering available too! For a more casual night, Howl Chicago’s signature buckets are perfect for splitting and we offer a full beer and cocktail list as well. For nights when down-to-earth just isn’t enough, take it to the Moon!

We also host bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, corporate events, after-work drinks, holiday partieshappy hour parties and so much more. For more information, please give us a call at 312-327-0755 or email us at

Best Private Event Space Chicago

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Top 80’s Songs

New wave, glitter, hair metal bands, leg warmers, rap, DeLoreans, electro-pop—the 1980’s had it all! Howl is celebrating the flashiest decade on September 3rd with 80’s Night, featuring 86 oz. Brass Monkey buckets, drink specials, giveaways and more (varies by location)!  Plus, you can enter to win your very own 80’s Night Happy Hour Party. To get you and your song requests ready for the weekend, here’s our most era-defining hits from a time that turned music on its head!

Olivia Newton-John: “Physical”
Numbers don’t lie, and with Physical’s impressive run of twenty-one straight weeks in the number one slot, Olivia Newton-John is responsible for the most popular song of the 1980’s. Physical starts off exactly as it should, full of sparkle and Newton-John’s steady vocals driving the bass line right up into an emphatic chorus that’s style would become the template for the pop songs of the decade that followed. Though not exactly the top-of-mind song for the era any longer, the majority of what came after has a lot to owe to this song’s success.

Bon Jovi:”Livin On a Prayer”
A working-class, east-coast love ballad, this reverb-drenched anthem launched Bon Jovi onto the scene where they’ve remained for over thirty years. Livin’ On A Prayer shot to number one on the charts and stayed there over four consecutive weeks, but the sound of Richie Sambora’s talk-box guitar and Jon Bon Jovi’s endless showmanship will be cemented in our ears forever. The band’s debut album, Slippery When Wet, has since been certified 12x platinum.

Michael Jackson: “Thriller”
Thriller has the ultimate build up of any pop song. It’s almost as if you can hear the excitement of the room you’re in stirring as the recording’s ambiance rises to its triumphant brass peak. Everything after that point, including all the dancing, is well documented history.

Survivor: “Eye of the Tiger”
Survivor did something that very few artists have been able to accomplish. Writing a song that ends up becoming the pump-up anthem of your era is impressive, but writing something that gets played every day over massive stadium P.A. systems for the world’s stars while also being just as meaningful to a kid with a speaker doing drills in a schoolyard? That simply hasn’t been done since.

Van Halen: “Jump”

Like Thriller, Jump’s introduction has proven unforgettable with time. The feeling that’s conveyed, however, is a little different. Jump cradles you through all of its Roth-era peaks and synth-softened valleys. It’s not quite Survivor’s exclamation of victory, but a powerful belief that anything could happen. It’s the sound of ending a clouded early eighties, and without knowing where to land, making the jump to the last half of the decade (and Sammy Hagar).

Party Venue

Whether you’re taking it back or walking through the era for the first time, 80’s Night at Howl at the Moon is the ultimate way to experience the decade! Look out for these songs and plenty more of your favorite tracks as our band rocks you back in time—we promise to look the look the part if you do too.

Top 80’s Songs

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Best Party Space in Chicago

Chicago’s nightlife is like no other. Whether it’s ninety degrees or minus nine out, nothing stops Chicagoans from getting out—meaning there’s nothing that can stop Howl at the Moon from throwing you the party you have been dreaming of. Whether it is a corporate event, birthday party, bachelor party, bachelorette party, holiday party or private party, Howl Chicago is the unique party space that’s rocking all year long!

Event Space Chicago

If you’ve been to Howl before, you know that even more than the music or the drinks, this show is about you! Throwing your party with us makes it even more exclusive. Whether you’re looking for reserved seating or exclusive use of our party space, Howl at the Moon can make any sized gathering feel comfortable and customizable with on-stage signage, a photo booth, ice luges and so much more. You can even join our incredible band on stage for a song or a call-down! They are playing your favorite songs and requests all night and can’t wait to rock with you and your guests!

With lots of drink options available, Howl at the Moon makes sure your party never goes thirsty. Our 86 oz. buckets come in delicious flavors and are the most exciting way to start off the night. For a more personal touch, Howl Chicago also offers cocktail stations and can even create drinks named by you and your guests! Of course, an extensive beer list is always available as well. Howl at the Moon is dedicated to creating the perfect party, get-together or corporate event—and we are putting your group at center-stage.

Took book a party at Howl at the Moon, give us a call at 312-327-0755 or email us at today.

Best Party Space in Chicago

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Best Live Music Bar in Chicago

Whether you have been here for years or you are just in for the weekend, Chicago can get a little overwhelming with so many great things to do. Start asking around, however, and you will find one of the city’s most can’t-miss attractions is its diverse music scene—and Howl at the Moon is the best live music bar in Chicago!

Howl’s band is rocking seven nights a week and features some of Chicago’s most talented and versatile musicians. Keep an eye on them throughout the set as they constantly swap instruments and take turns handling vocals! Each of them bring a unique presence that when put together, creates the most important part of the best live music bar in Chicago. Plus, with hundreds of songs on their setlist, they will be playing your favorite songs and taking requests all night long! Get in the crowd or bring your moves to the front of the stage, our show is all about you!

Group Activities Chicago

The best part about Howl at the Moon is that not only will you be treated to the best live show in the city, but you will get to sip on some incredible drinks while you do! Our signature buckets are perfect crowd-pleasers and come in delicious flavors, like the Howlin’ Mule or The Betsy (a portion of the proceeds benefits the Open Arms foundation), and Howl carries an extensive beer list and cocktail menu as well. With a drink in hand and your favorite songs being played, it is only a matter of time before you are howling too!

Looking to book a party? We can host bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, corporate events, happy hour parties, holiday parties, private parties and so much more. Contact us today at or at 312-327-0755.

Best Live Music Bar in Chicago

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Chicago Nightlife

Best Bars in Chicago


The best bars in Chicago aren’t hard to find when you hit up River North. River North is packed with Chicago’s best bars and clubs, but there is one Chicago bar that tops the rest. Howl at the Moon brings Chicago nightlife to a whole new level. Get ready for a great night out in Chicago at this high-energy live music bar.

Howl at the Moon is one of the best bars in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. After you’ve had some fun exploring downtown and enjoyed a meal at one of the city’s incredible restaurants, head over to River North to check out the best Chicago nightlife. Located in River North on Hubbard St, Howl at the Moon is the dueling piano bar that rocks the city of Chicago. Howl is a wildly fun Chicago bar centered around live music, dancing, and a nightlife experience like none other. Howl is a the perfect place to take in some delicious drinks and hit the dance floor with friends. Whether your group is hitting the Chicago nightlife scene for a hot nightclub or a fun live music venue in Chicago, Howl is the place for you!

Nightlife in Chicago

Howl at the Moon’s live music show covers of all genres, keeping the club at an upbeat vibe the entire evening. Our goal is to get the crowd dancing and having a great time, so the music they rock will always be at a high-energy for maximum fun! Whether you want to dance to Daft Punk, rock out to The Killers, or sing along to Journey, Howl covers them all.


Howl at the Moon’s live music show is just one of the reasons people keep coming back to this Chicago nightlife hot spot. Howl is known for their specialty drinks: some small, some tall, some as big as your head! The hottest items on the drink menu at this Chicago bar are by far the 86 oz. Bucket of Booze. Howl’s Buckets of Booze are filled to the brim with one of six different delicious cocktails and topped off with fresh fruit. They are perfect for a group of friends to share! Howl also caters to the beer lover with a wide selection of both domestic and craft beers. There is a drink for everyone, making Howl at the Moon one of the best bars in Chicago !

Celebrate in Chicago

Howl at the Moon is the best bar in Chicago to celebrate anything! We throw incredible birthday parties, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, holiday parties that provide a fun and celebratory atmosphere for guests to throw a great party. Howl also hosts corporate events and private parties, with both semi-private and private spaces available. Whatever you’re celebrating, Howl is the perfect venue to throw an amazing event.

Come to Howl at the Moon to see Chicago nightlife at it’s finest!

Chicago Nightlife

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Chicago Nightlife

Best Bars in Chicago

chicago nightlife

The best bars in Chicago aren't hard to find when you hit up River North. River North is packed with Chicago's best bars and clubs, but there is one Chicago bar that tops the rest. Howl at the Moon brings Chicago nightlife to a whole new level. Get ready for a great night out in Chicago at this high-energy dueling piano bar.

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